My name is Eric John Palmieri, I am a 5th generation Italian baker from Rhode Island, USA and I turn REAL pizzas into works of art using nothing but all natural pizza toppings.

Pizza Art NFTs

My Pizza Art is available for purchase as one of a kind NFTs.

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Our Bakery

In 1905, Domenico Palmieri opened a small neighborhood bakery on Ledge Street in Providence, Rhode Island.  The bakery then branched out to its Federal Hill location.  Domenico’s grandson Domenic then decided to take a chance in opening up his own bakery with not much more than a bag of flour and borrowed start up funds to open D. Palmieri’s at its current location in Johnston.
In the beginning the staff was comprised of Domenic, his wife Gloria and a handful of family members and has grown today to a dedicated staff of extended family and friends.  Domenic’s son Stephen joined the bakery after he graduated from college lending his keen business sense and work ethic to grow the family business.  Domenic retired in 1978 leaving Stephen to lead the family business into the next generation.  In keeping with the family tradition, Stephen’s two sons, Stephen Jr. and Eric began working part time during high school and college breaks and have now joined the family business full time.  When we started out, D. Palmieri’s sold bread, our famous cold pizza and biscuits which on most days you could find cooling by the door, the smell drawing customers in off Killingly Street.

Today, the products sold are the same great staples that made us famous, but also include a large prepared food section, full deli, calzones and our extensive lunch menu including sandwiches and special pizza selections daily.  Our Party pizza is still one of our best selling products and is often found at all special occasions including birthday parties, cookouts, football nights, and holiday dinner tables.  Our customers often tell us stories of growing up with D. Palmieri’s pizza and can’t imagine their children’s parties without it.


Our bread is still hand rolled by our staff of talented bakers who expertly craft our loaves and buns 6 days per week.  When Domenic first opened the business over 36 years ago, he sold mostly to neighbors who would walk there.  Today our customer base spans the globe with orders being shipped as far away as Las Vegas, California and Florida and is a testament to what hard work and tradition will bring.  D. Palmieri’s has always and still continues to be run by the Palmieri family.

Visit our D. Palmieri’s Bakery website by CLICKING HERE

RI Monthly Editor’s Pick: Best Party Pizza!

I am humbled and honored to receive the 2019 Editor’s Pick for Best Party Pizza in the State of Rhode Island from Rhode Island Monthly Magazine!  Visit Rhode Island Monthly online for more info!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to common questions asked by customers.

Q:  How far in advance do I need to order a pizza design?

A:  It’s always safe to order your pizza as early as possible as my schedule does tend to fill up, however, the pizza designs on this website can be ordered at two days in advance (48 hours, ideally).  If you would like to order a custom design that is not currently offered, please try to place your order one week in advance.  If you would like to order a custom design less than five days in advance, do not hesitate to ask, however, I cannot guarantee that I can put it all together in time.

Q:  How do I order a custom pizza design?

A:  The best way to order a custom pizza design is to contact the “Eric John Art” Facebook or Instagram pages directly so that I can work with you on ingredients, style, etc.  I usually try to give customers a few different designs to choose from.  After a decision is made on the design, you must call D. Palmieri’s Bakery at 401-621-9357 to pre-pay for the pizza no later than the day before the order is to be picked up.  We accept all major credit cards.  You may also come to our store at 624 Killingly Street in Johnston, RI to pay in cash if you wish.  If you cannot access us via Facebook, you may call the store to place the order or send me an email directly at

Q: Can you ship the pizza designs?

A:  I have decided that it is not possible to ship the pizzas in such a way as to ensure the designs are not ruined during delivery.  However, what I can do is sell you a high quality photo of any custom design you would like that can later be used for printing and framing.  Want a pizza portrait of your loved one or family pet but don’t live close enough to pick up the pizza itself?  You can still enjoy the artwork by purchasing a photo of the design.

Q: How much do the pizzas cost?

A: The pizzas typically range in price from $99.99 – $120.00.

Q:  What size pizza can I order?

A:  All of the pizza designs are made on a full sheet pan of pizza with sauce and mozzarella cheese as a base.  Unfortunately, the designs do not work well on smaller sized pizzas.

Q:  How many people do these pizzas feed?

A:  The answer to this question depends somewhat on how much other food is going to be at your party/event and the size of the appetite of your guests.  We usually plan for the equivalent of two small strips per person, which works out to about 18-24 people. If possible, any detailed information about the party/event that you can supply (i.e. how much other food, kids vs adults) is always helpful.

Q:  Can I order any design I want?

A:  The short answer is yes, you can. I can make pretty much anything. I will not make anything “R-rated.”  I will assume for the purposes of this page that you know what that means, but if not, you can always use the contact information in order to inquire.

Q:  I noticed most of the pictures of the pizza designs are taken before cooking.  Do the pizzas look the same after they are cooked?

A:  Yes, they do.  The ingredients do not slide.  If a few of the ingredients do happen to shift slightly during the baking process, we make an attempt to put them back in place before giving the pizza to you.

Q:  Do you deliver?

A:  If the pizza design you order is part of a larger catering order, delivery may be an option.  Otherwise, delivery is not available.  You must pick up the pizza at our Killingly Street store. Go to the D. Palmieri’s Bakery website to find more information about our catering options.

Q:  What if I like a certain design, but don’t like the ingredients?

A:  You’re the boss.  For instance, if a design you like has mushrooms and you hate mushrooms, I am more than happy to make the pizza with a different topping.  Of course, the design will look different and may not look as good.  Also, often there are ingredients that are natural substitutes for one another.  For example, if you’re a vegetarian and want a pizza design that has pepperoni, you can order it with roasted red peppers instead.  I want to work with you to give you the pizza you want.  It is just as important that you enjoy eating the pizza as it is that you enjoy looking at it.

Q:  Can I get text written on my pizza, like I could on a birthday cake?

A:  Yes.  There are certain ingredients that work well for letters and numbers, namely pepperoni, olives, and peppers.  However, text takes up a lot of space and will usually mean that it will need to be the focal point of the design.

Q:  If I order a pizza how do I know you are the one who will make it?

A:  I sign every pizza myself!

Q:  Do you use stencils?

A:  No.  All of the pizzas are made individually by hand without stencils.  I use a small picture of the design as a guide and the pizza pan as a reference point to help create the designs piece by piece.