My name is Eric John Palmieri, I am a 5th generation Italian baker from Rhode Island, and I work at D. Palmieri’s Bakery.  My great-great grandfather opened the first Palmieri’s bakery in Providence over 100 years ago.  In the 1970s my grandparents, Domenic and Gloria, branched out and opened their own establishment in Johnston, offering local staples such as spinach pies, pizza strips, and fresh-baked bread known as italian twists.  My father has continued and expanded the family tradition to this day and it is an honor and a privilege for me to be able to help carry on that tradition.

The pizza designs you will find on this site are perfect for birthday parties, corporate functions, or any other kind of special event, and all available for purchase at our bakery.  If you would like to order one, please call 401-621-9357 or reach out to me personally via our Facebook page.  I can also make custom pizza designs by request.  Please allow one day’s notice for all the designs you see here and at least one week’s notice for all custom designs.  If you are interested in some of our other pizzas, calzones, pastries, and prepared food dishes, please visit the D. Palmieri’s Bakery website.

I want to personally thank my father for allowing me the time and space to create these crazy pizzas, all of my amazing coworkers for helping make it possible, and the rest of my friends and family for supporting me and for being my biggest fans.  I love making these pizzas and it wouldn’t be possible without all of you.


PS you can find me on Twitter (ERIC JOHN ART ON TWITTER)